The perfect solution to Caravan & Motorhome security

Hal Locate is a caravan and motorhome tracking device that has been specifically developed and designed to meet the needs of owners of leisure vehicles. Hal Locate vehicle monitored devices are tested to a Thatcham S7 standard.

The device operates using GPS, GPRS and GMS technology. Having an inbuilt battery backup, the device can remain active even if the vehicle power supply is disconnected.

Through innovative technology, the device is able to detect movements and will generate an alert should the vehicle be driven or towed away from a designated Geo-fence.

Over 60 million pounds worth of assets are currently secured via Hal Locate technology and we boast a 100% successful recovery rate in the event of a theft.

The Hal Locate app is available for Apple and Android devices giving you the ability to view your vehicle location at all times.

If a vehicle is moved without consent, the Hal Locate device will automatically communicate with a police approved secure control centre who will then endeavor to contact the customer to ensure the vehicle’s safety. In the event of a theft, the secure control centre will liaise with the local police force and private repatriation team to ensure a priority response.

The Hal Locate device is covertly fitted and not easily detected by criminals. If a vehicle is stolen, the Hal Locate device will remain active and will report the location, speed and direction of travel continuously.

Key Features: Hal Locate

  • Thatcham S7 approved device for Vehicle Monitoring System

  • Global Telemetrics SCC monitors your caravan or motorhome status for you 24/7 365 days a year *

  • Ultralow power consumption maximising leisure battery life

  • Integral rechargeable backup battery – so you don’t have to worry if your leisure battery fails or is disconnected

  • Advanced twin geo-fence protection zones reduce false alarms

  • Secure operating centre provides a priority Police response and vehicle recovery in over 40 countries

  • Very compact, easy to install, hard to detect

  • Over the air software update means your product is always up to date

  • Advanced antenna technology and supersensitive GPS receiver

  • Arm and Dis-Arm HAL3000 via HAL mobile APP

  • System automatically arms if vehicle is left stationary for approximately 2 hours

  • Detailed mapping and high accuracy over UK, Ireland and Europe

* Subject to network coverage

Key Features: Vehicle Tracking Mobile App

  • Locate your Caravan or Motorhome using the mobile APP

  • Arm & Dis-Arm through the app

  • Push notification of alerts i.e. moved/low battery/battery disconnect

  • Displays Battery Voltage of your vehicle and device status

  • Selectable Mapping to use Satellite or Hybrid imagery

  • Add multiple vehicles in single APP if more than 1 HAL3000 is used on different vehicles

  • Optional link to an alarm trigger

  • User friendly

Download your HAL locate here:

Thatcham Cat S7 Approved
HAL Locate is one of the few trackers to be Thatcham S7 approved – meaning a reduction of up to 25% in your insurance premium.

24-hour Access to Secure Control Centre and Police Across Europe
By partnering with a Police approved European response centre, we can do more than just track your leisure vehicle in the event of theft – we’ll Locate and Recover it for you as well.


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The perfect solution to Caravan & Motorhome security.


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