Thank you for choosing HAL Locate. For Complete Peace of Mind.

For those procuring a new Hal 3000 and for your convenience and peace of mind, we have partnered with leading global transaction providers – PayPal ,Visa and MasterCard . The prices listed below includes the costs of HW , Monitoring Services, Installation at your convenience , Warranty and VAT . Please note that the warranty period is equivalent to the number of years the subscription is taken and paid for.

Once payment is made and the installation of the motorhome or caravan security tracker is completed , please bear in mind that no refund is possible . In the event , you sell your caravan or motorhome , we are willing to transfer the subscription to the new owner at an administrative fee of £50 . Please request for this in writing providing the subscription details as a reference and details of the new owner.

If you are renewing subscription of your monitoring service for your existing HAL 3000 , please proceed to the renewals tab. If at any time during the process you are uncertain or have queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our caravan & motorhome security specialists. We welcome any feedback.